Janet K. Smith, Ph.D Hello--welcome to theweightyissues, a Mind/Body/Relationship website

You may be visiting these pages because you’re facing challenges that feel out of hand and you’re trying to restore balance and order to your life. Maybe you’ve become stuck in depression, anxiety or patterns that repeat but go nowhere. You may be wrestling with body issues, physical symptoms. relationships, worries over family, or anxieties that keep you from getting a decent night's sleep. Whether your difficulties are present-day or long-standing, I’m glad you’ve looked into weighty-issues.

My therapy practice is dedicated to helping you tackle obstacles that are frustrating and cause hopelessness. Together we'll find ways to lift the tensions from your emotional life and open new possibilities and pathways to well being.

I  work  with individuals, couples and families. I'm a licensed psychologist and psychoanalyst with more than 30 years of experience. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and depression and how these symptoms impact mind and body. We'll work to ease the tensions and deal with the realities in ways that work to  ease anxiety and get to the root causes.

Whether you wish to discover a new direction in life or are looking for support through a challenging situation, I welcome your call and look forward to exploring the weighty issues with you.

Please use my website to learn how therapy might be useful to you, and to learn about me, my specialties and philosophy of treatment.

My very best,

Dr. Janet K. Smith